Covid-19 Clearout: Business Cards

The continuing Covid-19 house clearout led to me finding a pile of business cards…

The first card, from 1990.
An X.400 email address, did anyone every think that would really catch on? Looks like we ran our own PRMD, unusual for a small business.
I wonder why our current meeting room is called the Enterprise?
Steve joined the company and we started to bring a bit more colour into the re-designed logo.
Interestingly (for me anyway) is the ‘A= ‘
(yes that is a single space character after the = sign, if you didn’t put the space it would not work.)
Whoops, time to change the name from X-Tel to Nexor (another company with a very similar name and logo noticed us, and the lawyers had a friendly chat!)… but we kept the same “look and feel”
Who were Mark400?
Growing up in the World – a change of address as we moved off the university campus.
As well as turning sideways, looked like we changed X.400 ADMD service providers.
No Web address?
By the time we moved to Rutherford house, looks like we had removed the graphics from the logo, and straightened the italics.
Looks like X.400 died, as did, and we became a .com.
In a word, ‘the pink era’…
Gosh, the scanner really can’t cope with the grey header.
LinkedIn made an appearance
Initially available as black on white, but quickly changed.
Twitter makes an appearance.
If you have a black on white one it has rarity value – please send me an image!
Bringing it right up to date.
Seem’s someone didn’t like the icons.
Twitter has taken a backseat too.

How many of these do you have in your collection?