New Identity – Old Problem

Like many, during lockdown I’ve been catching up on a number of Webinars.   It’s given me the opportunity to do some catch up in the Identity Management field. During the EEMA annual conference, a distinguished speaker observed “We are in danger of re-inventing the wheel, without learning from the past”, which caused me to reflect … Continue reading New Identity – Old Problem

ILOVEYOU – 20 Years On

This month marks 20 years since the ILOVEYOU virus hit computer networks.  For me, it represented a milestone in my security career.  Up until that point security was a technical challenge, solving challenges associate with the global distribution of public keys for secure email exchange.  (Aside, I’ve blogged on this many times, it is a … Continue reading ILOVEYOU – 20 Years On

Reblog: What is 2FA and is it really secure

Reblog. Original (TechUK) 90% of security attacks start with a phishing attempt. This is because attackers want to get hold of your password. Once they have obtained this, they can become you, and access wherever you can access. More…

Reblog: It won’t happen to us

Reblog. Original ( When talking to board members and senior executives of SMEs about cyber security, a common phrase we hear is “It won’t happen to us”. This is justified by “We are not sufficiently important”, or “We don’t have anything they would want”. “Well, it did”, Ian Major of… More…

IISP East Midlands

Reblog: (original On Wednesday 2nd October, the IISP East Midlands ran its third quarterly meeting kindly hosted by the East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU). Over 20 security professionals joined to collaborate and explore the latest news surrounding the incident response cycle, covering both what has worked well and learning points from real life … Continue reading IISP East Midlands

The “NHS” Attack

The poor and inaccurate reporting of the NHS Ransomware incident over the weekend has irked CyberMatters into coming out of hibernation. With so much to say, it’s hard to know where to start. Not targeted First the NHS was not targeted by a Cyber Attack. The attack affected ANY system that was vulnerable; the sad … Continue reading The “NHS” Attack

PKI – is there a better way?

PKI is a technology that has stood the test of time, but it is let down by high running costs and poor implementation.

Li-Fi Security

Li-Fi has been widely talked about, largely due to its capability to deliver a high data rate wireless connectivity. Li-FI has some very interesting security characteristics too.


Having been on a customer site all day, I returned home to scan my email. Over half the emails were festive greetings, with all sorts of creative content: embedded images, attached animated images, links to sites with festive messages and attached files with seasonal offers. What could possibly go wrong?

Out of Office Dilemma

As we approach the Christmas holiday period, I thought I’d share a cautionary tale on setting up your Out-of-Office auto-response. For quite a while now I have been building a relationship with a prospective customer. While I have had discussions with a person there – let’s call him Bob –  Bob has worked hard to … Continue reading Out of Office Dilemma

Payment Services Directive

So, Tesco was hacked. Although there is no official word yet on how this happened, the chatter among people far smarter than me are suggesting the issue is related to passwords and the Tesco Club card. Followers of CyberMatters will recognise that I often blog about password issues. Is there anything new to say on … Continue reading Payment Services Directive

Smart Home Project – HomeKit and LightwaveRF Integration

CyberMatters is a blog about security.  This article is NOT about security, there is a related security point related to this article documented in the blog Smart Home Project – Network Segregation


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