Is there any point in using anti-virus software?

I recently attended a professional development event in Birmingham run by OWASP and the Institute of Information Professionals (IISP). One of the topics on the agenda was how to evade anti-virus (AV) software packages.

Shock horror. The breaking news is that AV software is not going to stop cyber attacks on your organisation, as has been blogged on before here on Cyber Matters.

However two aspects stood out for me.

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Are you in charge of your car’s computer?

A Guest Blog from Kieran Barnes

While indulging my interest the new Audi R8 (completely speculatively of course I wish I could own one!) I was distracted and amazed by the mass of electronic systems involved in a car of that range. ABS, Stability Control, Fly by Wire throttle, Sat Nav to name just a few. All of these electronic systems are controlled by software somewhere in the car’s brain and are responsible for keeping you safe, keeping you going in the right direction and helping you control your exotic sports car.

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Documents: a Hackers Gateway to your Enterprise

Your business, just like Nexor, probably uses documents as a key tool in sharing and disseminating information. As we have known for a very long time now documents can be a source of security infection, but technology does not see to be coping very well in protecting against it – UNTIL NOW.

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