Data Trust Gap

I’ve just had a read of Symantec’s State of Privacy Report – 2015. It’s well worth a quick scan if you’ve not come across it before.

It highlights some of the contradictions and challenges we face in our industry.

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Does Insurance Hold the Key?

As we build the Internet of Things the race is on to create new products and services. Making them secure costs more and can slow the pace of innovation. But as Car companies are now finding out, this can have a serious impact. Continue reading “Does Insurance Hold the Key?”

The Secure Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is big news at the moment, being used as a title for just about everything that interacts with the internet, be it man or machine. In some areas the commentary is just starting to recognise that security and privacy are issues. And as you expect, various players are putting forward their solutions. Continue reading “The Secure Internet of Things”

What Google IoT OS means for your privacy?

Here at CyberMatters we don’t reblog very often.
However here is a good and concise article on some of the privacy challenges the IoT brings, over and above traditional security issues. While this focuses on Google, the challenge is more general.

The new EU data protection proposals will make designing IoT solutions like this that are compliant, a real challenge.

If looking at deploying corporate IoT applications you’ll have to consider privacy issues as well as security. Fortunately help is at hand via our sponsor – Qonex.


The launch of Google operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices will have a massive impact on our privacy generating big data out of personal data.

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Non-Routable Protocols and Networks

Network segregation is a common security technique to prevent security issues in one network affecting another. When looking at how information can be moved or shared between such networks the concept of routable protocols, and the opposite non-routable protocols are often used. We also see the term routable / non-routable networks. They are not the same thing, let’s explain…
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Economist Debate: “…a hyperconnected world is more rather than less secure.”

This is an insightful debate in the Economist, the full title being

This house believes that a hyper-connected world is more rather than less secure.

Sadly I missed the online comment period, so was not able to offer my thoughts in the debate itself.  I would have voted less secure.
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