Inspiration from Immunology: Artificial Immune Systems

In this post I’m going to have a go at describing to you some of the basics of my research. The project I’m currently involved in and the focus of my own research for the past decade is in the development of techniques which we call “Artificial Immune Systems”. These are a set of computer methods, algorithms, which solve a type of computational problem and the way in which the algorithm works is “copied” from a natural system which solves the same type of problem. In my case, I’m studying the cells of the human immune system which detect and eliminate infections to try and build their computer counterpart to combat computer infections.

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ImmunoHopping: An Introduction

This new section of the this blog describes a project which is a collaboration between Nexor , the School of Computer Science and the Academic Unit of Clinical Oncology at the University of Nottingham. This project aims to produce the next generation of cyber defence tools based on gaining an enhanced understanding of the human immune system. This work has been kindly funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (“the EPSRC”).

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