Countering APT with CyberShield Secure

I recently read the book “Advance Persistent Threat: Understanding the Danger and How to Protect your Organization”. The following paragraph in the introductory Chapter really stood out for me:
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Nexor Merlin – PDF Wizardry in G-Cloud

In the blog Documents: a Hackers Gateway to your Enterprise I discuss a new approach to reducing the risk of malware embedded in documents, as anti-virus solutions are no longer that effective.

The concepts introduced in the blog are now expanded upon in a Nexor Briefing document Preventing Document-Based Malware from Devastating your Business.

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Documents: a Hackers Gateway to your Enterprise

Your business, just like Nexor, probably uses documents as a key tool in sharing and disseminating information. As we have known for a very long time now documents can be a source of security infection, but technology does not see to be coping very well in protecting against it – UNTIL NOW.

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