TrueCrypt – Don’t Panic – Think about 99% of users

Over recent days there has been a lot of discussion about TrueCrypt, and whether it is a viable security technology. Among the frenzy between security experts to figure out what is going on, the user community is left confused. It’s time to revist some security basics…
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100,000 new security threats are identified each day

Interesting infographic from Cisco. I find it encouraging that only 40% of decision makes see security as an inhibitor, i would have assumed much higher.
It’s probably too much of a leap to suggest this implies 60% see it as an enabler, but at least it suggest 60% are open minded to the fact it can be.
As an industry we have to do more to ensure our security solutions are enables, not inhibitors.

Brian Pennington

Cisco’s Infographic is an interesting turn on the ROI message as it looks at security from the loss prevention angle rather than earnings.

Especially with Data Centre downtime costing on average $336,000 per hour.

100,000 new security threats are identified each day

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Are you in charge of your car’s computer?

A Guest Blog from Kieran Barnes

While indulging my interest the new Audi R8 (completely speculatively of course I wish I could own one!) I was distracted and amazed by the mass of electronic systems involved in a car of that range. ABS, Stability Control, Fly by Wire throttle, Sat Nav to name just a few. All of these electronic systems are controlled by software somewhere in the car’s brain and are responsible for keeping you safe, keeping you going in the right direction and helping you control your exotic sports car.

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