Safer Internet Day 2014

The Internet has revolutionised modern life. From the way we socialise, shop, work, learn and even the way we understand human behaviour with the emerging realm of big data analysis, as well as much more!

It has introduced so many great things to empower our day to day living.

However you do still have to be careful with how you interact with this publicly connected online world. I think Voltaire’s now cliché statement “with great power comes great responsibility” sums it up well.

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Are you in charge of your car’s computer?

A Guest Blog from Kieran Barnes

While indulging my interest the new Audi R8 (completely speculatively of course I wish I could own one!) I was distracted and amazed by the mass of electronic systems involved in a car of that range. ABS, Stability Control, Fly by Wire throttle, Sat Nav to name just a few. All of these electronic systems are controlled by software somewhere in the car’s brain and are responsible for keeping you safe, keeping you going in the right direction and helping you control your exotic sports car.

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