Q: When will the IoT be secure? A: Never.

That may seem a bit bizarre coming from someone working for a company that specialises in making the IoT secure. Let me justify the comment.

Replace the word ‘secure’ with ‘safe’…

Will the world ever be ‘safe’?

  • Accidents happen. There are lots of ways to prevent accidents, but they still happen. With good prevention, we can reduce the number and severity of accidents;
  • Negligence happens. People know things ought to be done in a certain way to be safe, but for some reason or other they don’t do them, and harm occurs.When will the IoT be secure
  • Deliberate acts happen. If someone is determined to cause you harm, they probably can. Depending upon the nature of possible threat, you’ll likely take some risk reduction measures that make you feel safer.

So my argument is we can never be totally safe, but we can be safer by taking reasonable precautions.

The same is true with securing the IoT. We cannot make it (100%) secure. We can however make it far more secure than it currently is!

This is a topic that was widely discussed as the recent East Midlands Cyber Security Forum event, focused on IoT Security.  Presentations from the event are available on the East Midlands Cyber Security Forum page.