Another week, another IoT security scare!

With the recent events and stories hitting the news, such as CES 2016 announcing plenty of new IoT products and new toys being hackable, no wonder I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about them – the first thing to catch my eye this week was ……

My favorite tech at CES was a smart fridge — but I’d never buy one

Samsung Fridge CES2016
Samsung Fridge CES2016

I think the article only scratches at the security issue.

It’s fine to say do your system updates, but in a home that is just not going to happen, I’m not going to employ a full time system admin!

We (industry) either need to figure out transparent OTA updates, or architectures that can survive without updates.

Then the following day the next article that caught my attention was …..

Nest thermostat owners left without heating after software glitch

Nest system update left owners cold
Nest Thermostat system update left owners cold

As regular readers of the Cyber Matters blog will know trustworthy software is about reliability as well. It is one of the 5 pillars of the PAS 754 trustworthy software standard. Last week I blogged on security, one of the other pillars, and how that had been violated in the case of the Juniper firewall story.

If I was a betting man I’m sure I could easily find an incident for each of the safety, availability and resilience pillars in the next three weeks.