Three years of blogging

So, This blog has now been a live blog for just over 3 years – how time flies.

Since starting the first tentative blog article “Reflections on ConneXions” we’ve averaged one article a week (over 160 blogs in total) covering a wide range of cyber security topics.

Here’s a few highlights…

  • The first guest blog “Are you in charge of your car’s computer?was in May 2013 – an insightful article given the recent revelations on car security. We now have 9 authors that have contributed to the blog. We are very keen to have more authors – especially from outside of our sponsor organisation, Nexor – can you contribute an article?
  • Most written about subject: data diodes. What do you expect – it’s a specialism of our sponsor!
  • Most commercially successful article Booting Linux Securely; two customer project wins can be directly attributed to this article.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as we have writing. To help us improve the blog going forward your feedback in the article you enjoyed most would be most appreciated. Please contact us via the comments below.