Security Risk Myths

We don’t normally reblog on CyberMatters, but thought this article was clear and concise in busting 3 cyber myths, so well worth posting here.

Deborah Burns

Despite the fact we are assured constantly by companies that we are safe using their web sites, email accounts, banking, or electronic purchasing, hackers are growing more sophisticated and creative in their techniques. We are bombarded with ads saying something to the effect: “Our product will keep you safe on the internet,” which in some cases is misleading and can provide us with a false sense of security. There are some myths that have been perpetuated that we are safe that can be dispelled to a point.

I am not a target

I touched on the topic of being a target in my post “Social Engineers Are Not Friendly Train Conductors.” Anyone can be a target for any reason, personally or professionally. Personally you might not have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of as my Mum is fond of saying about being broke, but you…

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