Information Based Security

Last week I attended the IAAC Annual Symposium.  One of the elements of the conference is a poster display where vendors and universities have the opportunity to display their latest research.

Last year we presented on Digital Natives.

This year we presented on information based security:

IBSA Poster


Much to our surprise and delight, our poster won best poster of the event!

Here I am with Matthew Barzun, US Ambassador to the UK presenting me with the prize – a copy of Helen Rideout’s book “Employee Risk Management” – a topic discussed at the conference.


2 thoughts on “Information Based Security

  1. I have to say this all looks very fluffy. The statement on funding suggests that the work has been completed and yet all we see in the poster is a compsci-for-suits description of the Capability model ( The project’s own website has just one document on it – a newsletter full of biographies of project managers. Where is the substance?


    1. Thanks for the comment Andrew, I agree at this level it is somewhat fluffy. There is a long way to go, and many challenges to be solved before a full system could be rolled out, but I believe the direction of travel is inevitable as cloud and mobile devices become the norm. We can’t lock everything down, so need to adapt information sharing models so they can behave securely even if the underlying infrastucture can’t be trusted. Happy to talk in more detail privately if interested. Would be good to catch up!


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