Sugar Gateway

Had a great meeting with a potential partner earlier this year to discuss a complex customer requirement.

In summary, with reference to Figure 1.

  • The end-user is the “bring your own yellow sweet wrapper” on the left
  • The back-office has 5 sugar cubes
  • Meta data about the sugar grains within the cubesĀ is aggregated into an upturned sugar bowl
  • The upturned sugar bowl feeds a subset of the meta-data to a remote scrunched-up ball of paper
  • The comms between scrunched-up paper and sugar bowl are un-reliable
  • The scrunched-up paper and sweet wrapper are in an un-trusted environment, so can only have the absolute minimum data needed
  • The user needs to search the sugar cubes for a specific sugar grain
  • When found the grain of sugar needs to be securely transported to the sweet wrapper
  • The user is not entitled brown sugar, so this need to be filtered
  • A some point in time a golden nugget (small sugar cube) may come on-line that matches an old search, so the sweet wrapper needs to be informed

sugar gateway
Figure 1

The coffee cup, nothing to do with the scenario, but without it, would not have had sugar on the table!

Anyway, looks like we have a good solution with this partner. But if you have an alternative suggestions please let me know in the comment fields below.


2 thoughts on “Sugar Gateway

  1. The coffee looks cloudy to me and I think we can assume the invisible doughnut knows the molecular make up of your sugar …


  2. Nice case of “improvising using the tools available”. Would have benefitted from some toothpicks for differently-domained networks – guess there were none to hand, though.

    The way I originally learned to write label_encodings files involved Lego and Post-It notes, so I’m not knocking it :-).


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