Security Predictions

At this time of year, it seems that one of the duties of a CTO of a security company to make predictions about the year ahead.
My prediction is somewhat generic, followed by a wish list. Please help me with my wish list, so we can prevent my prediction!

Here’s my prediction, I call it the Cyber Security Hype Cycle:

  1. Bad stuff will happen
  2. It will not get detected for a period of time
  3. When the story breaks, the media, twitter and blogosphere will have fun for a few days.  China or Russia will get the blame
  4. Anonymous (or splinter group) will claim the credit
  5. Then the truth about what actually happened will start to emerge
  6. Some conspiracy theories will come out
  7. The vendor / service provider community will start to say how their latest offer would have stopped the attack
  8. The company hit by bad stuff will implement some new controls
  9. Wait for a bit, then go back to step 1

The above Cyber Security Cycle would seem inevitable.   To help break the cycle, I have a very simple wish list…

My Wish List

  • Every computer gets patched within a week of a patch being released
  • Every computer has anti-virus installed and is automatically updated at least once a day
  • Every user has a different password for every site / application they use
  • Every user has been educated to recognise phishing, and does not click the link / open any attachment
  • Every user knows about basic Wifi security hygiene measures (this is a bit harder – and needs better support from vendors).

You can help grant me my wish…

Sadly, this is not a wish list Santa can help with.   But you can.  If my wish list was implemented on every company network, every home network, every home PC/Laptop, every BYOD etc, then we might be able to start to break the cycle – by at least stopping the known attacks.

So please, during this festive period…

  • Go and visit your friends and family
  • Tell them about the Cyber Security Cycle – bad stuff will happen, and continue to happen
  • Say we need their help in fighting crime
  • Then show them how to implement my wish list on their home computers
  • Record details of your crime-fighting step in the comments below, and share this page to help inspire other to do similar.

Have a great break.