Our 7th building, cunningly named No. 8

It’s an exciting time at Nexor, as we have just moved to our new offices:

8, The Triangle
Enterprise Way
ng2 Business Park

We’ve finally moved out of the shadow of Nottingham University. We started on the University Campus…

1. Nottingham University Tower Block

Where the concept started in 1989 – can anyone remember what floor Hugh’s office was on?

2. Portakabin in the University Car Park

1990 – 1992. The first formal Nexor office, as opposed to squatting where we could find space in the University Computer Science department.

Wow, they are still there – interesting concept of a temporary building.

My main memory was the CD player that constantly played “Les Miserables” for hours on end – I am sure it was the only CD Julian / Pete had.

3. Old Engineering Building, Nottingham University

We moved from the Portakabin to the top of the hill, overlooking the Library – just in time for our CEO Steve Kingan to arrive on the scene.

It overlooked a field by the university, which gave some good views in the summer. The building has now been demolished as part of the university building programme L

4. Faraday Building, Science Park

We made it off Campus into the Science Park. If you ever wondered why our Web Site 3.0 was Yellow, it’s because it matched the colour of the building (it’s bright yellow, does not quite come across in the photo).

It had a big warehouse at the back, affectionately known as the Basketball Court.

5. Rutherford House, Science Park

The stairs were getting a bit much for some of the longer serving employees, so we went for a bungalow style.

Table football was introduced, although the only room for it was in the warehouse at the back. Thieves liked this place too, they key coming to nick our servers.

Of course at this time, we also had offices in the US too, but we’ll leave that for another day.

6. Bell House, Science Park

Home sweet home for 10 years, 2003 until now. The football table moved into the upstairs kitchen.

7. 8, The Triangle

Our new home…

How many of these buildings have you been to?

If you want to know where the football table has moved to, you have to come and visit us – contact us below to make arrangements…

Pictures courtesy of Google Streetview.