RedHat Case Study – Nexor Sentinel

Those nice people at RedHat have written a Case Study on the Nexor Sentinel Product…

The story is essentially one of how Nexor worked with two key customers to evolve our Nexor Sentinel E-Mail Guard.

  • One customer has a requirement to use COTS hardware, as opposed to the bespoke hardware the predecessor product used.
  • Another customer had a requirement for a Common Criteria EAL4 certification, essentially to have confidence that the products security controls meet internationally agreed standards.

To meet these requirements, we chose to use the Security Enhanced version of Linux from RedHat – for the reasons stated in the case study.

The following quote is attributed to me!

“The main benefit for us [Nexor] is that we have been able to move from a specialised, proprietary platform, we have been able to derive efficiencies in our production environment and have also built customer loyalty. We can now fully integrate with their existing systems, thus improving our competitiveness in the market.”

The result: Nexor Sentinel 3, EAL4 Certified

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