Nexor in Touch

An article about a Nexor solution deployment in the FCO Services has been published in the Microsoft Technology in the Public Sector Magazine – Touch.

In the article Nexor’s Richard Taylor is quoted as saying:

FCO Services wanted to allow centralised management of the networks they support. This meant audit and monitoring information from all the networks needed to be transferred securely and as quickly as possible to the management domain. We made it possible by deploying several Nexor Data Diodes in combination with software we developed around HP Operations Manager, one of the most widely used system management applications in large organisations worldwide. FCO Services wanted to ensure this data was passed between networks in a secure manner via HTTPS, which is in fact a two-way connection, so we had to turn this into one-way traffic. A difficult task, but with the Nexor Data Diode and a specially developed proxy application we were able to offer a secure solution.

If you would like to find out more, please read the article, or contact us.