Hedgehogs and Cyber Security

Is it a Canary?
Is it a Fox?
Is it an Owl?
No, it a Hedgehog!

Erinaceus Europaeus to be precise.

The British Hedgehog had a highly effective security system that served it well for millions of years. At the first sign of danger it rolled itself up into a prickly ball. Sadly, the emergence of the motorcar proved that the hedgehog’s prickles were no longer ‘fit for purpose’

What is the connection between Hedgehogs and Cyber Security?

Please propose your answer, twitter style (140 characters or less) in the comment field below.

I’ll propose my answer next week…


3 thoughts on “Hedgehogs and Cyber Security

  1. The answer according to Nexor Marketing is…
    “The hedgehog failed to adapt to emerging threats, don’t let the same happen to your cyber defences”
    … part of our latest campaign.


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