The Changing Face of the Nexor Web Site

Nexor have just launched a major web site upgrade, representing the continuing evolution of the business. At such an interesting time, I thought it would be fun to look back at previous incarnations of

Version 1.0 – Innovation

Nexor’s web presence dates back to 1992, at the time led by the efforts of a software engineer Martijn Koster. Does your business have a web presence dating back 20 years?

Version 2.0 – Pioneering

By 1997, Koster’s research work had lead to the development of the Web Crawler – concepts like search engines and more importantly for this blog the WayBack Machine became possible, recording Internet history.
Here is the first recorded instance of the Nexor web site:

Version 3.0 – Yellow

By 1998 the marketing team had started to see the benefits of the web, and we the “yellow” look emerged – it matched the building we were in at the time. This approach had real staying power, lasting until May 2002:

Version 4.0 – Pink

By 2002, it all went pink – so hideous even the WayBack machine refused to record it properly, so the pinkness cannot be shown in its full glory here. What were marketing thinking?

(bizarrely, it seems the reason it was not archived correctly, is the robot.txt file had an error prevented it being indexed – how ironic, seeing Nexor invented the robot.txt concept.)

Version 5.0 – Purple

By 2006 a much more minimalist approach was taken, but the WayBack Machine was still nervous of what it saw, so didn’t quite record it properly.
The pink had softened to purple (the marketing rational being purple was the colour of the joint forces – a key market Nexor operates in).

Version 6.0 – Worms

In 2010 we started to see the space worms appear, with a purple still being a key element of the colour scheme.

Version 7.0 – Grey

By 2011 the space worm grew to take over the front page, adopting an overall grey tone, with purple text.

Version 8.0 – Evolution

Version 8.0 was tentatively launched in November 2012 as a revision of the look and feel, but old 7.0 content. This month we have seen 8.1 emerge with all new content and graphics…

These are my personal views – and almost certainly not the perspective of the various marketing teams I’ve had the privilege of working with over the years – I am sure they all seemed like a good idea at the time!