Your Password is Obsolete

Following on from my blog article Logging on is becoming too hard to do securely here is a good info graphic about the state of passwords:


One thought on “Your Password is Obsolete

  1. Mmm. Interesting infographic (and worth posting); my views on it are mixed. In no particular order:
    * passwd re-use is (and is likely to remain) a big problem, at least until passwd management software becomes standardised and built-into operating systems.
    * the Java Ring was done a decade ago, and it didn’t turn out well; I don’t see how repeating the exercise would give different results, this time round.
    * it’s great to see 2FA finally going mainstream, although I have different views on the various different mechanisms.
    * passwds remain the only way to sensibly alert on duress covertly (and in a mobile world, this will only get more important); therefore they’ll probably stick around as a component of “nFA” for some time to come.
    * I’m amazed that weak passwds appear to still be so prevalent.


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