Sofa Data Protection No So Good

Just purchased a new sofa – how can that cause a data protection failure?

Well I agreed the details of the purchase with the sales person, and he started to enter my details into his computer screen.

“Can I have you postcode please – for delivery”

Certainly, it’s “NXX 1XX”. He then showed me his computer screen.

“Three addresses have come up sir, which one is yours?”

The screen then clearly showed me the names and address of two of my neighbours. Whoops – a data protection failure. OK, this is a very small scale, but I doubt the sale representative had ever considered this might be a privacy issue. If we are to move forward, wide scale education is needed.

The good news is, I like the furniture these neighbours have, so I am happy that I’ve made a good choice of new sofa. Now just got to wait 15 weeks for delivery.