Another Crypto Hacked Story

278 bit Crypto hacked in under 150 days using 21 PCs!

Stories of this nature are common and should not be a surprise.

As I see it, computers get quicker, so brute force crypto attacks will happen quicker.  It’s a simple arms race – you simply need to increase the strength of crypto by adding more bits, at a suitable pace to keep ahead.

In time, there will be a game changer from somewhere.  Either a new attack method, or a new algorithm that makes the attacks harder.  I am sure suitable research in underway.

In reality, I don’t think it matters – security systems are rarely broken by forcing the crypto.  It would be more common to attack the key generation, storage or distribution mechanism – most often by getting the use to give you their password.

Crypto scare stories get the headlines, but it is educating the users we need to focus on.